Interview Guide

You rarely get a second chance to make a good impression on a prospective employer, so at your interview it is important that you get it right first time.

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Here are a few pointers to help you...

  1. Be Prepared (Do your Homework)
    Find out as much about the organisation in terms of what it does, its competitors and its culture. If the organisation has a website this should be useful, to find out about the products and services they offer.

  2. Plan
    Think about your skills, qualifications and experience to ensure that you can talk confidently about what is written in your CV. Prepare some questions to ask at the interview.

  3. Dress Code and Apperance
    Decide what outfit you are going to wear in advance and make sure you look smart and presentable. Ensure you are well groomed with tidy hair, clean shoes and clothing. Do not wear too much perfume or aftershave and keep make up, jewellery and nail polish simple.

  4. Be Punctual
    Make sure you know exactly where the interview is being held and who you are to ask for on arrival. Plan your journey beforehand to ensure you arrive a few minutes early and allow for possible delays. Make sure you have a contact number so that you can call if are you suspecting you will be late.

  5. Make a Good Impression
    Practice deep breathing before the interview it will help calm your nerves. Speak slowly and clearly when introducing yourself and always establish eye contact. Remember to always smile.

  6. Body Language/Questions
    Interviews are a two way meeting. Not only are they an opportunity for the interviewer to find out about you and if you are suitable for the position, but it is also an opportunity for you to find out about the company and position - if it will be right for you. So find out all you need to know about the company, the role and the people you will be working with. Always be aware of how you project yourself. Being professional, confident and open are essential in building trust and rapport with the interviewer. Establish eye contact and face the interviewer at all times. Remembering to smile!

  7. Summerise
    At the end of the interview recap on exactly why you are suitable for the position. Agree exactly what the next steps will be, such as who will contact you to let you know if you have been successful and by when. Also if there will be second interviews and who will conduct them.