About Us

Jewels Travel & Hospitality Recruitment launched in 2005

Jewels Travel & Hospitality Recruitment the specialists in travel & hospitality sectors

We recruit staff across the whole of the UK and overseas.
Offices in London, Manchester, Essex and Europe.....

  • Jewels Travel & Hospitality Recruitment for the Travel & Hospitality Industries launched in 2005.
  • We recruit staff across the whole of the UK Nationwide and Overseas.
  • Permanent, Contract & Temporary Jobs.
  • Multiple offices across the UK and our new European Office based in Spain.
  • Recruiting all departments and disciplines from trainees right through to senior executive MD’s and CEO’s
  • Senior Executive placements recruited by our MD who holds over 30 years working within Travel, Hospitality and Recruitment Industries. Holding extensive network of contacts for her successful headhunting skills together with Masters Degree in HR and Recruitment Practice.
  • All recruitment consultants at Jewels Travel & Hospitality Recruitment have previously worked in either Travel or Hospitality arenas gaining them the knowledge and understanding of the Industry they are recruiting in, so have thorough understanding of your Industry and the job responsibilities in the job description you send to us.


Executive Recruitment/Talent Acquisition :

Julie Larman (Our Managing Director) who holds Masters Degree in HR & Recruitment Practice, is responsible for the executive recruitment. Julie’s career carries over 30 years working within Travel, Hospitality and Recruitment Industries enabling her to have vast knowledge of the working Industries together with extensive network of contacts for successful headhunting skills to find talent and to locate individuals who meet specific executive requirements.

If you require a confidential conversation, please contact Julie Larman directly, alternatively, an email stating a time convenient to call you or make an appointment.

Our service to you

We pride ourselves and success in providing a consultancy based service – always basing our delivery on quality NOT quantity on both sides of the recruitment process – as a candidate and as a client.

Our commitment to you

We recognise that both sides of the recruitment process (as a candidate seeking employment and as a client seeking staff) are equally important At Jewels Travel & Hospitality Recruitment we focus on understanding and listening to the needs and requirements of both a candidate and a client to ensure we complete the “right match” on both sides of the recruitment process.

We comply with all relevant employment legislations and industry best practices to ensure we work in your best interest at all times and within the professional and legal standards.

We respect confidentiality.


  • Serious about standards. We commit to the REC Code of Good Recruitment Practice, which provides you with a series of quality assurances.
  • Serious about operating ethically. We comply with all relevant legislation, have fair and honest terms of engagement, actively promote diversity & equal opportunities and respect your confidentiality.
  • Serious about being well informed. We are keep up to date with legislative changes and industry best practice to ensure we can act in your best interests.
  • Serious about accountability.
  • Delivering what we promise.
  • A quality Recruitment Service

Our six customer service commitments

  • messages

    We will earn our Client & Candidates trust

  • helpful

    We will be friendly and helpful at all times

  • professional

    We will always behave in a professional manner

  • responsive to candidate /client requirements

    We will responsive to candidate /client requirements at all times.

  • professionalism

    We will demonstrate pride and professionalism in ourselves

  • confidential

    We will always act in a confidential way

As a Candidate

We will work alongside you in assisting your next career move finding you the right job together with giving career advise where required enabling you to maximise your potentials.

We have a HOT CV’s Page – with your permission we are able to advertise a short profile of your skills and experience for clients to read and ask for a full CV/Interview…. This gives your profile more coverage.

We will always ask your permission to include your CV on the “Hot CV Page” The information on the “Hot CV Page” will not have any personal data or companies were you worked/work…. It is a snap shot of your profile skills and experience, for Clients to read.

As a Client

Our Employees are the Ambassadors to our Companies… so the recruitment process is key to every business !

Jewels Travel & Hospitality Recruitment hope that we can be the answer aiding this to happen in finding the best candidates for your vacant (s) and company

We have the experience within recruitment services together with our recruitment consultants previously worked in the Industries we specialise in… This enables us to understand your job descriptions and skills required for the job.

We Listen to your requirements by offering a quality service in finding the right member of staff you are seeking for your vacancy(s).

It is our job to save you time by pre screening all applicants, sending only the relevant CV’s that match your job requirements.

In addition to candidates CV, full interview notes will be sent in a Cover sheet with the CV

Every screened candidate application will be interviewed for the vacancy they have applied for. These interview notes are sent with the CV in a “Cover Sheet/Interview Notes”


The “Cover Sheet/Interview Notes”

(Interviews questions are asked relevant to skills required in the job description.)

Additional information is gathered that is not included in the candidates CV (some candidates have multiple skills/experience that cannot always be included in a CV for fear of making CV too long with CV guidelines) these additional notes are included in the “Cover Sheet/Interview Notes” You may have specific questions you would like us to ask candidates for your specific vacancy?

It has been proven feedback from our Clients, that reading these “Cover Sheet/Interview Notes” has saved the client a lot of time short listing relevant candidates for interview.

Our clients congratulate us over working with other agencies – as we include all the relevant answers for the client that is not highlighted in CV, whereas other agencies the client still has to call and ask for extra information.

Interview question examples we ask; skills and experience in mind relevant for the vacancy.
Reasons why candidate left all their previous and current employment on their CV.
Why the candidate has applied for your particular vacancy.
Salary and expectant salary/Notice period. Interview availability.

The recruitment consultants Interview Notes will include all important and relevant information that you as a client might want to know that on many CV’s is not highlighted. Many candidates have a generic CV and may not highlight all their skills – this is where we help in gathering more information relevant to the vacancy they have applied to. We will always ask if there are any specific interview questions you may want us to include.